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Drug trafficker owns operation at centre of strawberry scandal - 21 Sep 2018 at 12:54pm -

A fruit growing and packing business at the centre of the strawberry contamination scandal that has hit consumers across Australia, hospitalised several people and threatened an entire industry is owned by a convicted drug trafficker named in a confidential report on organised crime.

Labor's laughing as Coalition kowtows to Murdoch - 21 Sep 2018 at 12:09pm -

Now there's no possibility of currying favour with News Corp, the ALP is free to craft policies with centrist appeal.

Hello Australia: 100 years ago, the first direct wireless message - 21 Sep 2018 at 11:46am -

The first wireless telegraphy messages received in Australia direct from Wales were transmitted on September 22.

Editorial cartoon - 21 Sep 2018 at 11:07am -

The day's burning issues as seen through the eyes of Fairfax's cartoonists.

What's in a school motto? Virtue and service among many manly deeds - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:50am -

If the language of our school sayings teaches us anything it's that the sexes have not been created equal.

'Political fix': Why Morrison's school funding deal is a dud - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:21am -

All those who care about equity and fairness should be outraged, but it is poorer Catholics who should be especially upset about this deal.

Big little rise treads common ground - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:07am -

Celebrated author Liane Moriarty calls in the lawyers despite riding high on her books' success.

Dicey Topics: Gillian Triggs talks money, politics and bodies - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:07am -

The former head of the Australian Human Rights Commission discusses the subjects we're told to keep private.

Anger, sadness, shame: Stories by Indigenous Australians hit home - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:05am -

Adam Goodes and Deborah Cheetham tell their stories in Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia, a new anthology that aims to break down stereotypes.

New twist in strawberry case - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:05am -

While Cufari was not one to hide his light under a bushel it turned out he was one who would hide his cannabis under grape vines - in this case more than 6000 of them.

Good Weekend Superquiz and Target, Saturday, September 22 - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:01am -

Trivia and word buffs: test your knowledge with today's superquiz and Target.

Don't play favourites with Aussie kids' schools, Stokes tells Morrison - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

Federal and NSW Coalition governments are at odds over the new school funding deal.

Punish universities if they won't protect freedom of speech - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

If the governors of the universities fail to protect intellectual freedom, the federal government should take matters into its own hands.

Violence against women? No problem if you're a celebrity - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

Where is the outrage against famous men with a history of domestic violence?

Seven children, university boss: the work-life balance of Michael Spence - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

"I really do not want written on my tombstone that I was a good vice-chancellor ... What I am as a husband and as a father - that counts," says Spence.

A scandal, the ABC and the aged-care sector - 21 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

After another scandal in the care of older Australians was revealed, I must relate a personal story.

Federal Court rules in favour of allowing woman to access IVF without estrang... - 21 Sep 2018 at 7:28am -

A woman who wants to conceive a child using donor sperm has won the right to access IVF without her estranged husband's consent.

Adelaide father charged over fake strawberry report - 21 Sep 2018 at 7:27am -

Police allege the man made a false report that hit daughter bit into a strawberry contaminated with a needle.

Victorian girl fighting for her life after shark attack - 21 Sep 2018 at 2:46am -

The 12-year-old was flown to Brisbane in a critical but stable condition after becoming the second shark attack victim in 24 hours.

Ken Horler: Man of theatre, civil libertarian and barrister - 21 Sep 2018 at 2:05am -

“If there is a heaven,” wrote the late British critic Sheridan Morley, “It is in the bar of the Nimrod.”

Former US national security boss backs Australia's China telco 5G ban - 21 Sep 2018 at 1:46am -

China is stepping up its internet intrusion efforts as "the great equaliser" to offset US advantage in conventional warfare, former NSA boss says.

We are all at sea describing Captain Cook with a rank he never had - 21 Sep 2018 at 1:41am -

He was a lieutenant, a commander and even a "post-captain", but not actually a captain, the Captain Cook Society admits.

Two hurt as out-of-control train derails in Tasmania - 21 Sep 2018 at 12:43am -

The TasRail automated service left the tracks in the Devonport wharf area, hitting a fence and sending debris flying.

Is democracy dead? Please Explain: the new podcast - 20 Sep 2018 at 11:36pm -

Please Explain - a new weekly podcast that cuts through the noise to give you insight into the stories that drive the nation.

Why do people commit copycat crimes, like sticking needles in fruit? - 20 Sep 2018 at 10:41pm -

Many Australians and some psychologists are puzzled by the ongoing cases of strawberry sabotage sprouting up around the country.

World's earliest known animal a 540-million-year-old defenceless blob - 20 Sep 2018 at 3:34pm -

Dangling down a sheer cliff face in the Russian wilderness, fending off mosquitoes and bears, a brilliant young scientist has found the world’s oldest known animal fossil.

Target and superquiz, Friday, September 21 - 20 Sep 2018 at 10:01am -

Trivia and word buffs: test your knowledge with today's superquiz and Target.

CBD: Aitken's diet stocks up heavy on Chinese - 20 Sep 2018 at 10:01am -

Célébrité eastern suburbs stockpicker Charlie Aitken, when not extolling the virtues of Chinese stocks, is busy burning investor money by buying them.

How reef funds went from $5 million to nearly $500 million in five days - 20 Sep 2018 at 10:00am -

After the surprise $443m funding announcement, officials scrambled for a celebrity, kids and an idea of what to do with the money, FOI documents reveal.

How universities lower teacher standards by focusing on profit - 20 Sep 2018 at 6:00am -

Certain universities have lost sight of their societal duty and view teaching degrees as income streams rather than training grounds for future leaders.