Amazon Is Getting $1.5 Billion to Come to Queens. Now Begins the Fight Over i... - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:24pm - Amazon finally gave some answers about the details of the plan for it to open a hub in Long Island City, including tax subsidies and other benefits.

With Hoopla and Murals, Crystal City Welcomes Amazon - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:24pm - Crystal City, a declining neighborhood in Arlington, Va., cheered Amazon?s arrival on Tuesday. It?s getting a new name ? National Landing ? to go along with its victory.

A Week After the Election, Democratic Gains Grow Stronger - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:22pm - What seemed like a mixed result for Republicans has turned more grim as Democrats continue to pick up seats in the House and statewide gains come into focus.

N.F.L. Moves Game Out of Mexico City Over Field Conditions - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:16pm - The highly anticipated game between the Chiefs and Rams was moved back to Los Angeles because the grass at Azteca Stadium was in poor condition.

Trump Tribalism Re-elected My Congressman - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:13pm - Representative Chris Collins ran a racist campaign ad while under indictment. But he may have won the election thanks to his support for Donald Trump.

When Paradise Is On Fire - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:11pm - In Butte County, we are flailing, trying to find the words to express what has happened, and that it?s still happening.

Save Us, Al Gore - 13 Nov 2018 at 7:01pm - Another Florida recount prompts appreciation of a man nothing like Donald Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Protesters at Pelosi?s Office - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:56pm - Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, participated in a demonstration with climate change activists at the office of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Trump?s Trade War Prompts Fight Among Top Economic Advisers - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:56pm - The public and private feuding over how to resolve America?s trade disputes comes as the president prepares to meet with China?s president and as the White House considers tariffs on cars.

?I?m Not Here to Ask for Votes?: Gillum Calls for Rigorous Recount - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:52pm - With a recount now underway in the Florida governor?s race, the Democratic candidate, Andrew Gillum, has been giving a series of speeches in black churches about voter suppression.

Maine Counts Votes Differently. That Could Put a House Republican in Jeopardy. - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:48pm - Since neither Bruce Poliquin, the Republican, nor Jared Golden, the Democrat, won a majority, the state will now count second, and maybe third, place votes.

Juul Will Suspend Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores and Halt Social ... - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:46pm - Juul will restrict sales of nearly all its flavored pods to the internet, and stop most social media promotion to combat youth vaping, bowing to government and public pressure.

Critic?s Notebook: Amazon?s HQ2 Will Benefit From New York City. But What Doe... - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:38pm - Amazon promises tens of thousands of new jobs, but should we expect more than that?

Hate Crimes Increase for the Third Consecutive Year, F.B.I. Reports - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:31pm - Of the more than 7,100 hate crimes reported last year, nearly three out of five were motivated by race and ethnicity.

California Wildfires, Amazon, Midterms: Your Tuesday Evening Briefing - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:31pm - Here?s what you need to know at the end of the day.

CNN Sues Trump Administration for Barring Jim Acosta From White House - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:24pm - The network, citing violations of the First and Fifth Amendments, asked a federal court to reinstate his press credentials, which were revoked after an exchange with President Trump last week.

On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Is Arizona the Next Big Democratic Target? - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:23pm - In the On Politics newsletter, a Democratic strategist says it might be time for the party to jettison Iowa and Ohio and focus on the Sun Belt ? Arizona, Texas and Georgia.

Barry Rand, Barrier-Breaking Chief Executive, Is Dead at 74 - 13 Nov 2018 at 6:14pm - After being passed over at Xerox, he became one of the few African-American chief executives of a Fortune 500 company when he took control of Avis.

20,000 Drunken-Driving Convictions Tainted by Bad Breath Test in New Jersey - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:59pm - New Jersey?s Supreme Court ruled that the tests were inadmissible, throwing into question eight years of convictions in five counties.

Neil Young and Miley Cyrus Among Celebrities Who Lost Homes in California Wil... - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:57pm - The enclaves of the rich and famous who live west of Los Angeles have not been spared by the out-of-control fires.

Trump Considers Staff Shake-Up in White House and Homeland Security - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:45pm - The Trump family is moving to shape the administration?s staff after the midterm elections as the president considers a wave of changes.

Weak Spots in Democrats? Strong Midterm Results Point to Challenges in 2020 - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:32pm - The unfavorable map of the 2016 election still seems to pose a problem.

New Questions Swirl Over Boeing on Updated 737 Model that Crashed - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:26pm - The airplane manufacturer did not provide airlines and pilots with full information about a new emergency system on the plane.

For University of Minnesota, Chinese Tycoon?s Arrest Shines Light, Again, on ... - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:23pm - The billionaire Richard Liu, who has denied wrongdoing, was in Minneapolis attending a relatively new and lucrative academic program when he was arrested.

Trump Assails Macron and Defends Decision to Skip Cemetery Visit - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:13pm - ?The problem is that Emmanuel suffers from a very low Approval Rating in France, 26%,? wrote President Trump, whose approval rating in France is 9 percent.

Dominating Retail? Yes. Reviving a City? No Thanks. - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:11pm - Amazon is not in the business of saving your hometown.

Britain and E.U. Agree on a Plan for Brexit - 13 Nov 2018 at 5:08pm - The draft agreement is being reviewed by Conservative cabinet members before a full meeting on Wednesday.

John Marttila, Strategist Who Helped Biden and Kerry, Dies at 78 - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:59pm - A refugee from Republican politics in Detroit, he plotted the campaigns of progressive Democrats, black mayors and anti-Vietnam War candidates.

Books News: Michelle Obama?s ?Becoming? Finally Hits Shelves - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:56pm - The first lady?s memoir arrives just ahead of her multicity arena tour.

California Wildfires Updates: 42 Dead in Camp Fire, Toll Expected to Rise - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:39pm - Search teams were heading back into the devastated town of Paradise on Tuesday with the grim expectation of finding more bodies in the charred remnants of the town.

Doctors Revolt After N.R.A. Tells Them to ?Stay in Their Lane? on Gun Policy - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:35pm - The uproar highlighted decades-old tension over an effective ban on federal research of the public health effects of gun violence.

How to Tell if Those Black Friday Deals Are Actually Worth Buying - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:33pm - Black Friday and Cyber Monday mean hundreds of online deals, discounts, and in-person doorbusters, but these tips will help you tell which ones are really worth your money.

Return to Campus for Students Who Survived Thousand Oaks Shooting - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:32pm - Students who survived the Borderline shooting talk about that night, gun control and their efforts to move on.

Trilobites: Male Insect Fertility Plummets After Heat Waves - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:19pm - Researchers say that temperature?s effects on sperm production could be one factor behind the decline in the world?s insect populations.

Meet the Native American Woman Who Beat the Sponsor of North Dakota?s ID Law - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:15pm - On an otherwise bleak night for North Dakota Democrats, a Native American woman unseated the architect of the very law tribes had feared would disenfranchise them.

A 3-part documentary: Operation Infektion: A three-part video series on Russi... - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:14pm - Russian Disinformation: From Cold War to Kanye

Cities Should Stop Playing the Amazon HQ2 Bidding Game - 13 Nov 2018 at 4:04pm - There is no economic benefit to huge tax incentives to lure new companies, so why do cities keep offering them?

Who Has the Copyright Over My Cheese? - 13 Nov 2018 at 3:52pm - The European Union?s highest court decided the taste of a cheese does not qualify for protection.

I Take Back My Praise of Jeff Flake?s Book - 13 Nov 2018 at 3:52pm - He?s a class act with a faint heart.

Asia and Australia Edition: Boeing, Richard Liu, Saudi Arabia: Your Wednesday... - 13 Nov 2018 at 3:27pm - Here?s what you need to know to start your day.